Creating Tools for Winning Teams

Positive Residual focuses on data analytics and visualizations
that facilitate strategic decisions in sports.


The following charts, dashboards, and apps are fully built with the R programming language and highlight recent projects in basketball. Some of them can be tailored to business intelligence systems like Tableau. Most of them can be adapted to other sports and industries.

NBA True Shooting Charts (App)

NBA Play Types (App)

NBA Rolling Averages (Chart)

WNBA Dashboard (App)

NBA Player Movement (Chart)

NBA Player Matchups (Chart)

NBA Calendar (App)

NBA Assist Networks (Chart)

NBA Defensive Matchups (Chart)


Based in Los Angeles, California, Positive Residual is a sole proprietorship that collaborates with sports franchises, media companies, and other groups on select analytics and visualization projects. Basketball research and content can be found at Nylon Calculus, Cleaning the Glass, and The Ringer. Other interests include baseball, soccer, and change leadership.

Positive Residual draws upon over a decade of experience in transforming large organizations. Current full-time professional work involves strategic planning, implementation of data analytics, and responsibility for a $40 million annual budget and over 20 staff members.


If you're interested in working together, please feel free to get in touch below. Specific details about project goals, data, budgets, and timelines will go a long way towards a timely response.